I wrote her a letter explaining why a while back and tonight she sent me this new melody for a song on piano. I can only explain it by saying it made me want to kill myself while giving me a shattering erection.

I Named A Star After Her

Have you ever heard the album RED by Takatakaboomboom Schmidt? You should give it a listen. That’s what I like to call Taylor Swift because who’s Taylor Swift anyway? I wrote this before the Deadpool movie was even conceived. I’m revealing it all. After this you will know why Taylor Swift’s Halloween costume this year…

Strawberry Coffee

A fan of mine told me he loved how detailed I am when I’m writing. He said it was how well I knew my characters and how every character nuance always stands out on their own. He said it had to be from the experiences and people that I’ve met and that’s only half true….


Here’s the script for the Pilot epsiode of 305

Cake By The Ocean

Most of my memories of her were lit by the moon. I bought a dub, 20 bucks of weed, and it was her birthday, and the second year I knew her, and she was leaving to live with her new man in Austin, Texas. I bought her, her favorite type of cake– Carrot Cake. I’ve…

Taco Belle

Have you ever loved someone so deeply then they erase you? It feels like all the love you ever shared with people is gone. She made my friends believe that everything I remember is fake, that I never loved anyone or anything. That’s how I know she’s a Nasty Gal. . . She reminded me…

Her Name Was Love

I can only remember one negative moment when we were “together.” I saw her eyes and she had glitter smeared around them. It was always too dark for me to notice just how beautiful she was at being both kind and bitchy. There was a certain air about her that night. She came to pick…


I am #PoweredByIndie for some simple words. I have incredible diction but when I am able to connect with someone on a simpler, personal level I know it communicates faster with you. Shakespeare didn’t said this, but I guess a little longer so Yadda yadda yadda, “Wit is in brevity.” Another indie writer critiqued my…

The Doctor

I feel so anxious watching season 9 of Doctor Who. Every few seconds I’m crying and he’s not gone just yet.

Plow Plow Plow Plow

The iMac is dead now RIP. This means I’ve gotta rewrite the new chapters to The Elephant Trap. Just when things were getting good too. I started making notes for a new project too but I don’t really plan to release it. They’re just ddiariesof amnesia. Never forget. On that note there’s a book called…

My first Children’s book

Once upon a time they say there was one world and it was united, but there was another. One that was never written about in any book. Every generation passed the sacred words unto their heirs. This is the legend of the Sock Ninjas.


Dear Model Girl with the ankle tattoo that reads, “The Fury is a Lie”, I’m glad I made you laugh. My face does funny things sometimes. I probably thought you were to tall for me to try to hit on you further, but it also looked like you were intent on finding the best casserole…